How to Become a very Confident Person in Life

How to Become a very Confident Person in Life

Confidence is one of the best qualities a person can possess. It is when you feel very sure about yourself and the things you can do. A lot of people confuse confidence for arrogance, they feel when they are arrogant and disrespectful they are being confident and this is a very wrong notion.

A person who is confident is more likely to succeed in his/her endeavors than a person who isn’t really confident. This is because a confident person would not back down from trying out a thing over again even if it doesn’t work out well the first time. People who are not really confident tend to give up easily and restrain themselves from trying out new things.

How can you become a confident person?
1. Make your posture perfect

This is a very important part of becoming a confident person. Confident people do not work around looking down at the floor or dragging their feet. You should try as much as possible to work upright keeping your shoulders backwards. This would make you look confident to the people around. It might appear as if you are fooling the people around you but unconsciously you are also fooling yourself, and with time you get used to it. There is a popular saying “you fake it till you make it”. This is exactly how the perfect posture boosts your confidence.

2. Always Smile

Smiling can help you get away with a lot of things and situations. When you smile around a lot of people it makes them feel very comfortable around you, and this in turn reduces the stress you might be going through. Although you have to bear in mind that the smile doesn’t have to be extraordinary so it doesn’t look fake. This is a confidence skill that always works all the time.

3. Make eye contact

This is the most important skill you need to adopt if you want to be confident. A lot of people actually find it very hard to maintain eye contact when they are speaking to a person, or a group of people. Making eye contacts with people makes them see you as someone who is worthy of communicating with.

4. Try to Look like one

There are some little things that you can do to boost your confidence, they may look unimportant but they are really very important. For example, maintaining good hygiene, dressing well and smelling good. These things help you feel less worried about yourself hence increasing your level of confidence. However, never try to base your confidence fully on your outward appearance, it should just be part of what you do to make you feel very good about yourself.

Also you have to understand that everybody has struggled with confidence at one point in time in their lives, and most people try to hide the fact that they are not really as confident as they seem. You should also note that confidence is a process, you can’t just become confident overnight.

Lastly remember, you were born with confidence, you just haven’t just brought it out yet. Take everyone else out of the picture, they do not really matter. They have nothing to do with you, “you” is good. Other people’s judgement about you isn’t really important.
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