3 C of Marketing Strategy You Need To Know

The 3 C concept of marketing strategy is a very interesting concept for marketers as it explains complete marketing strategy on the basis of 3 variables.

These 3 variables are dynamic and inter dependent on each other. If one changes, the other has to change.

The 3 C of marketing strategy are:

1) Customer
2) Company
3) Competitor

This concept of marketing strategy talks about the dynamic relation which exists in these three variables. Let us explain such relations with an example.

Customer + Company = Low competition.

Marketing Strategy

When a customer has a high regard for a company, the competitor seldom finds a chance to penetrate. For example – niche products with high brand equity. The above equation can also be reversed.

Customer + Competitor = Low penetration for our company.

Customer = Competitor or Company

The above equation can be observed when there is not much competition and also when the difference between the company and the competition is less. In this case, the company needs to create more USP’s so that it is above the competitor in the customers mind. – 3 C Concept of Marketing Strategy

For example, Reebok vs Adidas . Pepsi vs Coke.

Customer = Competitor 1 or Competitor 2 or Competitor 3 or Company

Usually an equation which is observed in mass market, where the customer is not too brand loyal and can switch between brands at will.

Example – FMCG market

Thus, the 3 C of marketing strategy is clear in one thing – If you don’t capture the audience, someone else will.

Hence pay equal attention to all three – your customer, your competitor and yourself.

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